Colby Dancing

Monday, July 27, 2009

Colby's First Birthday!!

Colby had his first birthday this past Saturday and it is so hard for us to believe that he is already One year old. Boy does time fly! We had a lot of fun on his birthday. We had some family and friends over and had a cookout at the neighborhood pool. Colby had a blast and man did he devour his cake. He destroyed the whole thing, not by eating it but by throwing it everywhere. There was cake everywhere!!! We all had a lot of fun and are so thankful to everyone for sharing this special day with us. I will post some pictures when I get them.

Happy Birthday Colby!
We love you and are so proud of you!
Mom and Dad

Monday, July 6, 2009

Walsh Family Reunion!

Last week all of my brothers and sisters and their families came in town for our Walsh family reunion.(Or as Scott calls it Walsh Fest '09) We had a great week and it was so good to see my sister Christy and her family from Denver, Co. My mom said that her one request for her birthday was for us all to be together and have a family picture made. So we did and all I can say is God bless the photographer. We went to Portrait Innovations to have our pictures made and 4 hours later we were finally done and everyone had picked out their pictures. Let me just say that the reason it took so long is that there was 28 people total and it is very hard to get all 28 of us in a picture, much less all 28 of us cooperating. Really, though, the picture taking did not take that long it was picking out the best picture that took forever. In most of the pictures at least one person had their eyes closed or wasn't looking at the camera. It was hard to find a picture that everyone liked but we finally picked one and managed to have a few laughs in the process. Needless to say we had a great week and enjoyed being together.

The whole Walsh Family

The Walsh children and their spouses.

All the grandkids.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My First Beach Trip

A few weeks ago we went to the beach with Scott's family for a week. We had a blast and Colby did really well. Colby saw the ocean for the first time and was terrified. He was fine looking at it from a distance but if he got too close he would start balling crying. Luckily where we stayed they had a walk in pool and a lazy river with a water slide. Colby loved the pool and the lazy river. He even had fun watching his cousin Gage go down the water slide. A couple of nights we took the kids to the arcade and Colby was in awe of all the lights and sounds. And by kids I mean Colby, Gage and the biggest kid of all SCOTT. Just kidding! We all had fun at the arcades and all us adults got into the game Deal or No Deal. Lets just say if I were to get a chance to go on the real show Deal or No Deal, well, I should just stay at home cause I STINK at that game. It was still fun to play though. We all had a great week and enjoyed the trip. Below are some pictures of Colby from the trip. Picture overload coming up!!

Lounging in the lazy river with dad!

Ready for a nap!

Hey, this sand thing is not so bad!

Too close to that big scary thing they call the ocean!

My first snow cone!

I'm trying to ignore that big scary thing behind me!