Colby Dancing

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Sweet Little Boy!

Well, Colby is now 5 weeks old and growing like a weed. He now weighs 9lbs. 1oz. Since our last post the doctors have discoverd that Colby has acid reflux and have started him on some medicine to help with that. He is still having some tummy aches in the evening but is doing better during the day and is sleeping better at night. Last weekend we had his pictures made and he did really well. The picture above is one of my favorites. Today was our 6 year anniversary so we all went to dinner and then went for a stroll around the neighborhood. It was nice. There is not much else happening around here except watching Colby.
We hope that everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.

The Fancher Family

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Bama Fever, here we come!


Alabama has been DISQUALIFIED!!

This Just In : It is official, Alabama has been disqualified and Auburn Wins! War Eagle Baby!
Leave it to the Alabama Nation to find a way to cheat : ( Way to be honest my fellow Auburn Fans :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Colby Had His Pictures Made

We will post some of the pictures soon. We went to Portrait Innovations today and had Colby's pictures made. Mr. and Mrs. Walsh and our nephew Caleb joined us. The pictures turned out awesome. So far, the grandparents have gotten their pictures.

Colby also stayed with his Mimi and Big Daddy (Fancher's) while Margaret and I went to the movies. Ok, I will confess. We were supposed to go to the movies but we were too tired. We ended up going to J Alexander's and getting some desert and going to Costco to get diapers. We like to consider ourselves a fun and exciting couple.

Friday, August 22, 2008


We have two outfits picked out at Campus Fever. An Alabama and an Auburn outfit. We will only buy one. The one that wins the poll.
P.S. The Tummy Aches are Horrible. See Picture.

A Fun Day

Colby had a good day today. The night, well, was totally different. Tummy aches again.

However, he did have fun today. Aunt Bett, Cousin Jill and Second Cousin Zeke came over today. Margaret said that they had fun. Zeke is 10 months old and we love it. We will always be waiting on some good hand-me-downs!!!!!!

They brought Marg some BBQ and also brought dinner for us. Jill sure knows how to cook. The only thing that did not go according to plan was getting pictures with everyone today. Especially Zeke and Colby together. We will have to go and visit Jill and GET THAT PICTURE.
After they left, Colby took a nap with his dog Samantha. (Please note the Crimson and White Blanket)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Peace at Last

Colby is sleeping!

After a rough week, he seems at peace tonight. I think it is due to several things. First, his belly looks better. Got rid of a little air.

Second, he has been really stressed about the year 2026. We have already received scholarship offers from Harvard and Yale on the academic side and all of the major division 1A schools on the athletic side. He initially accepted a scholarship offer from the University of Alabama, but has decided to go into the Major League Baseball Draft.

Dr. Appt.

Well, Colby had to make a trip to see the Dr. today. We have been noticing that his stomach was a little swollen. The Dr. had an X-Ray taken to see if he could see anything. Well, he did. A wealth of gas. Colby is full of gas bubbles. They are going to have to work themselves out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Colby Meets his Cousins

Today Colby had a lot of visitors. He got to meet his cousins Leslie and Angela and Angela's little girl Reilly. His great aunt Peggy also came along for the visit. Colby, of course, pretty much slept through the whole thing. I loved getting to meet Reilly for the first time. She is such a doll. She and Colby are 4 weeks apart.
He also got to visit with mommy's friend from work Vicki and her son Grayton. Grayton is 18 months old now and boy is he talking. Grayton loved playing with the doggies and riding on Zoe's back.
All and all it was a good day and we enjoyed getting to see everyone.
We hope that everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Colby Meets His Great Grandma Cutie

Today Colby got to meet his great Grandma Cutie for the first time. Cutie was so excited and could not get over how much hair he has. Colby took a nap while Cutie held him and we visited. This weekend he also had a visit from his great Uncle Edward and great Aunt Jennie.

Colby is still doing pretty good. He has had a rough couple of nights the past few nights. He has been having some tummy problems. I think that he feels much better today besides being a little worn out from crying for three and a half hours last night. Scott and I are still trying to get use to functioning off of a few hours of sleep but we are all making it.

We hope that everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Zoe's Little Buddy

Zoe has been GREAT. Today, Margaret was in the kitchen and Colby started crying. He was in the bassinet in the bedroom. Zoe came and got Margaret and sat by his bed until he stopped crying.

Back to Work for Scott

God has blessed me with a great wife, a beautiful son, two sweet dogs and a job that I love.

However, it sure is nice to only have one more day of work this week. It has been hard not being home with my wife and son. On the flip side, it was nice to get back in the saddle, see my customers. It gave me plenty of opportunities to brag.

Margaret has done exceptionally well. She does need to learn to take a nap when Colby does. Missy, Jodie, Isaac, Caroline, Katelyn and Caleb came and visited during lunch. It gave Margaret a breather.

Colby is doing great. He is becoming a pro at eating, sleeping and pooping. Who would have thought that we would pick up on his talents so quick!

I love to come home in the evening and see my wife and my son. It is an amazing feeling to sit in the chair and have Colby sleeping on my chest. I love being a husband and a father.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Curly or Straight

As most of you know, Margaret has naturally curly hair. Well, funny thing................right after Colby gets a bath, his hair is curly. Check out the picture! We brush it while it is a little wet to get it straight.

Me and My Bouncy!

Colby is now over a week old and he is doing great. He is a big sleeper. Pretty much all he does right now is sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. We usually have to wake him up to eat and change his diaper. There are a couple of times a day where he is awake for about 30 minutes and we get to play with him and see all of the cute faces that he makes. Scott has gone back to work today so Colby and I are hanging around the house. We miss daddy when he is gone.
The dogs are doing great with Colby. They pretty much just lay around and don't pay much attention to him. Zoe is cute, when he cries she comes and finds us if we are not in the room and lets us know. I think she is going to be his protector and take good care of him.
Well we hope that everyone had a great weekend and is doing well.
We love you,
Scott and Margaret

Friday, August 1, 2008

Colby Meets the Dogs

Today was a big day, Colby got to meet his dogs Zoe and Samantha. He really loved it..........Not really, he was asleep the entire time. Zoe and Sammy were both excited to see Margaret and I. They have been with Mr. and Mrs. Walsh since Thursday July 24th.

As they walked in the door, they both ran over to Margaret and I. Marg was sitting in the rocker with Colby. Zoe was very interested. She kept sniffing Colby. She could not quite figure it out. However, after about 30 minutes, she lost interest. Sammy, well, she was too busy visiting with everyone.

We also had some special visits from Grandmom and Grandad, Great Aunt Peggy and Great Uncle James and our Neighbors Barry and Karin. Barry and Karin's dog Wilson (yellow lab mix) could not make the visit so he sent Colby a card (how funny!)

Colby's First Doctor Visit!

Today was Colby's first visit to the pediatrician and he did pretty good. The doctor was very nice and said that Colby looked great. He said that he has little to no jaundice and that he weighed 7lbs. 6.5oz. He has lost 1.5oz. since leaving the hospital but the doctor said that was normal. We have to take him back to the doc next friday for some blood tests and a recheck.

Today Colby gets to meet his doggies for the first time. They have been staying at Grandmom and Grandads and will be coming home this afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing how they react to eachother. We will see how it goes. Thank you all for your comments. We have enjoyed reading them every day.

We love you all.

Love, Margaret