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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's A Miracle!

As many of you know when Colby was 9 months old we went to the eye doctor to discuss surgery for his blocked tear ducts and found out that Colby is severely far sighted and needed glasses. This was a major shocker for us and I could not imagine trying to get Colby to wear glasses at 9 months old. Well at first I was surprised because it went better than I expected but that did not last long. Since Colby was not crawling at the time he was rolling everywhere and rolling all over his glasses. Lets just say Colby was not digging the glasses. We kept trying a couple times here and there to get him to wear them and he would just scream and pull them right back off every time we tried to put them on. Well, 2 weeks ago we went back to the pediatric opthamologist for Colby to get the stints removed from his eyes and the doctor asked how it was going with the glasses. When I explained that it was not going well he prescribed some drops to put in his eyes that would dilate his eyes and make his vision blurry unless he had his glasses on. He wanted us to do the drops for 2 weeks. Scott and I did NOT want to do the drops. I couldn't imagine him walking around and not being able to see. We decided to give it one more go before trying the drops. Colby still was not happy at all but I knew he would keep them on if we were outside. So I bundled him up and we went outside for about an hour. He did not bother his glasses once. When we came inside he tried to take them off a couple times but I was able to put them back on. Now, he has been wearing his glasses ever since and we are so thankful that we did not have to do the drops. He still pulls them off when he gets upset about something but other than that he is doing a great job.
We are so proud of you Colby!!

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